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The New Modes of Traveling


Ever since COVID-19 came to town, we have been locked up in our homes for far too long, with nothing but travel on our mind and thirst in our soul, the urge to go out and explore has become the top priority. We simply can not wait to get back to soaking on the beach or dining with the family, which is why local travel has become the new craze. 

We’re all surrounded by Mother Earth and the recent modes of travel, have helped unlock the understanding that we can enjoy the gifts of nature, within our own backyard. There’s no need to fly to another country, just to enjoy the walk on the beach, when you can simply drive to your local pier and experience the exact same wonders. 

As the perceived risks of air travel continue to remain, we are eager to seek out alternative modes of travel, to local destinations, just to gain back the confidence of travelling International again. Now what are these new modes of travel, you ask?

1. Renting a private car or RV

This mode of travel has become extremely popular, especially for people who wish to explore local destinations but do not own vehicles. The companies provide clean vehicles, that measure up to safety standards. 

2. Cycling

Even though this mode of travel can only take us so far, we have tried to make it worthwhile and exciting. The immersive experience of riding a bike through your local park is one escapade to remember. Not to mention its cost efficient and environment friendly. 

3. Boating

This mode of travel may sound different but it works if you live in Venice and the only mode of transportation, is on a sailboat or if you own a boat and wish to take it to sea. 

4. Public Trains

Now I know what your thinking, public transports raise questions regarding safety and risks but this is the best time to take an advantage of public trains due to its low passengers. Because people are afraid to get on a train with strangers, the number of locals riding public transport has decreased immensely. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a peaceful ride, while simultaneously benefit from low travel costs.

5. Simply hop into your own car

This mode of travel is by far the most popular these days, as people are more comfortable in their own vehicles, when travelling to local destinations. They can safely follow precautions, while enjoying the spontaneous views, as they drive by.  If you possess a vehicle of your own, then hop into your car with the family and a go out exploring your neighborhood. Cruise through the outback’s or unwind by the sea. 

Just because the pandemic has restricted air travel, it doesn’t mean we have to wait another several months, being locked up in a cage. Go out and explore as much as you can, while taking precautions. Even though the risks remain, it’s important to remember, that time is the luxury that doesn’t come back, so a life without risks is a life unlived, my friend.

Written by Saima Anwar

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