The Productive Regimen, While Working From Home

With the striking outburst of the coronavirus, the regular ways of life have shifted tremendously for people around the globe. For those extroverts who could never picture themselves to be stuck within the walls of their living space, are now caught up in a web of discomfort and anxiety. 

The spread of the pandemic is causing people to be confined within the walls of their homes and because the whole world is on a strict lockdown, there’s not much people can do to protest, as it is for their own good. 

Ever since COVID-19 became the talk of the town, businesses have been put on hold but because life must go on and we must work to get food on the table, the new method of getting work done is from “home”. 

Now for some people the work-from-home life may be the best thing to ever happen to them. They can save on transport costs. They don’t have to worry about spending time and money on getting dressed for work, because now they can get the work done from the comfort of their own bed. Genius! Isn’t it?

Now for those who are new to the whole work from home situation and don’t feel like they can be as productive because they may slack off or not be able to create a sense of balance between the work life and personal life. 

Here are some of the ways to allow for a productive regimen, while still enjoying the experience of working from the comfort of your bed. 

1. Set up a schedule

To maintain that balance between work and personal life, organize a timetable and stick to it. Consistency is key and the more you plan, the less time you will waste on unnecessary activities. 

Now you may be wondering, “what if some days I have to work overtime or may be miss breakfast because I have to start super early, then how would I maintain my routinely schedule?”

Yes, there will be days when you might go back and forth with your schedule but you have to make sure you’re not drenching yourself in excessive work, without any breaks. One of the ways to tackle such a situation is by time-tracking apps, like ‘Desktime’, ‘RescueTime’ and ‘Harvest’, which help you maintain the consistency with your schedule. They help you track the number of hours worked in real time, kind of like your personal work clock.

2. Morning routine is a must

Never begin the day without having a good breakfast first. This is the most important meal of the day and can have a major impact on how the whole day will turn out to be. So, grab your morning drink, whether it’s coffee, tea or juice and allow yourself to absorb the light of the morning sky. Soak in that fresh air and give your body the chance to wake up. Try to mediate or go for a small jog if it helps to waken your muscles. 

3. Set up some ground rules for the family

If you’re a working mother with children or just anyone who lives with a family member, let them know your work schedule, so they respect your space and don’t try to take an advantage of your time just because of the work flexibility. Try to keep a room occupied to yourself while you work, that way you won’t be distracted when your little one comes in to take selfies or make ‘tik tok’ videos.

4. Take frequent breaks

Try not to get all caught up in work without taking frequent breaks in between. This will allow for you to catch up on “you time”. Plus, it will energize you and lighten the mood. While you take a break, try to watch a few online comedy videos to help you loosen up a little and take the load off your shoulders. 

5. Go out sometimes

Keeping mind, the social distancing regulations, try to go out for a walk, mow your lawn, plant some flowers or ride a bike. Move a little because our body needs to get the blood pumping and our muscles moving. The fresh air and sunshine will do more good than harm. 

This new way of living and working may be a different way to detox ourselves from the fast pace of the world, so the best we can do is try to get the most out of it. 

Written by Saima Anwar

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