The Boy Who Never Left Pennsylvania

Why do people move? Explore the unknown? It’s a terrifying concept really. Starting from scratch in a whole new area. Experiencing things so far detached from your “normal” life it’s as if you’ve stepped into the shoes of a whole different person.


Why do we accept monotony & reject excitement? We’re told as we age to reject childish things. We shed our curious nature & let the boldness of childlike wonder die out.

To conform, to be accepted, to not feel alone.

I’ve lived more life in the span of a few weeks than in 26 years of being alive. I came to California an insecure anxiety ridden mess capable of feigning confidence whilst secretly too afraid to ask for extra ketchup at a fucking McDonald’s.

Now I’m a warrior, aware that the only limits we have are the limits we place on ourselves.

To stumble is to fall. To fall is to learn to get up. & to get up is to show the world you will not break.

Vacations where one goes to new places are treated as fun expeditions that provide a break from reality. But this isn’t the whole truth. Experiencing different cultures & new experiences is vital for one’s journey into becoming a well rounded adult.

How can one evolve into the best iteration of self when they’ve never left the town they grew up in? How do you form new ideas when you’re stuck with the same kinds of people you’ve been around your entire life?

To crave new experience is not selfish, childish, naive, hipster, or idiotic. It is in our nature to crave excitement. To become bored with the mundane trivialities of routine. We are creatures born to carve our own path, so why deny this?

Bust ass pursuing whatever passion breathes life into your soul. Nourish the child within begging to be set free. Throw fear of discomfort to the wind, say FUCK IT, pack your bags, & go wherever the Hell your heart is telling you to go. 

Research if you must but sometimes spontaneity results in the most incredible opportunities. I left my small apartment to live in an Airbnb on the opposite side of the US, confident in my charismatic nature & certain I could attain employment with relative ease. But this is not how the cards landed. I wound up living on a beach in Venice, burning in the day & shivering at night. Made friends who built up my broken being, taught me lessons I didn’t know I needed. I was pushed to my absolute limits, the idea of ceasing existence became a theme I was unable to shed. So I called for help, bore my open wounds to suicide hotline, & got the help I’ve needed all my life.

None of this would have happened had I remained complacent in Pennsylvania. I would have never felt the “shame” of asking a complete stranger for help, or seen just how far I can bend before breaking. I am a survivor. I can whether any storm. & so can you. We all can.

Never submit to fear.
Embrace the unknown.
Cast yourselves free to the winds of change.
& live with no regrets.

May all your lives be filled with Light & Peace.

Written by Christian Borges

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