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Travel Will Return, But Unethical Wildlife Tourism Should Not

It is an important moment in time for Wildlife Conservation and tour operator company Intrepid Travel is in the forefront of the battle. World Animal Protection (WAP) and Intrepid Travel have partnered together in hopes of finally putting an end to unethical Wildlife Tourist Attractions.

Before we get in to it, did you know

  1. World Animal Protection estimates that approximately 110 million people worldwide visit cruel wildlife tourist attractions on an annual basis?
  2. At least 550,000 wild animals are enduring lifetimes of cruelty and suffering in the tourism industry?
  3. That 80% of tourists are not aware of the negative impact the Wildlife Tourist attractions have on the welfare of the captive animals?

If you are a traveler and part of the 80% of travelers who are not aware of this negative impact of Wildlife Tourist attractions, I challenge you to join the movement and join the thousands of us who are saying, enough is enough! We will no longer accept the exploitation of wildlife.

We are at a turning point when it comes to our relationship with wild animals. For too long, these intelligent, sociable creatures have been the victims of a cruel trade, just to entertain tourists on holiday. The tourism industry has come to a halt in the wake of COVID-19 but it will re-build – this is the ideal opportunity to build a better future. We are calling on the tourism industry to revise their wildlife policies and stop offering exploitative experiences to their customers once and for all.

Audrey Mealia, Global Head of Wildlife AT WORLD ANIMAL PROTECTION

Thanks to Intrepid Travel and World Animal Protection, travel companies now have access to a FREE Animal Welfare Policy Toolkit that includes easy, accessible steps and resources for businesses to become wildlife-friendly.

The COVID-19 crisis has provided our industry with an opportunity to redefine what tourism looks like once travel resumes and to use this time to forge a new path for a more responsible, sustainable and ethical future, We must put real action behind our words, and as operators who facilitate experiences all around the world, it is our responsibility to protect the environment and all of its living species. The very least we can do is ensure our practices are not causing harm to the wildlife who call the destinations we visit home.

James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel

To download the Animal Welfare Policy Toolkit, click here.

Written by Emily Jozefowicz

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