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Start Your Day Off Like a NYC Local: Our Favorite Cafés

A blog best paired with a hot cup of coffee.

In the city that never sleeps, you’re going to need a pick-me-up to help keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle. 

The good news is that there is a Café on almost every street corner. And no I’m not talking about Starbucks.

The best part about NYC is there is no shortage of cozy neighborhood Cafés. There is definitely a spot for everyone. I highly encourage you to stay away from mainstream and try out as many local spots to experience the true Manhattan lifestyle.

Trust us, you’ll want to bookmark every one of these!

Little Collins

Probably my favorite coffee shop in the city.

Little Collins is a chic, industrial spot that has been designed with the customer top of mind. The shop brings the spirit of the bustling Little Collins Street in Melbourne, Australia to the streets of NYC. They serve delicious lattes, teas and a “no-nonsense” menu with very appetizing “Brekkie” selection. Killing two birds with one stone!

Felix Roasting Co.

When art and coffee mix, is a miracle is born.

Felix is known for their artful espresso drinks, beautiful coffee cocktails & delicious pastries. When you walk into a Felix location, it is always beautifully designed with a luxury/designer aesthetic. Though this spot is on the pricer side if you like to order add-ons, it is worth every penny.

With a vision of trying to redefine the “coffee break” I have to say that this spot is not one of those grab and go coffee shops. To fully enjoy this experience, you should go there, bring a book or your computer and enjoy the ambiance while sipping on a carefully curated cup of coffee.

Sweetleaf Roasters

Though this place may not be located in Manhattan, it is still one that I must share with you all if you are ever in the LIC or Greenpoint area. If you don’t find yourself traveling to those Burroughs to much, don’t fret, Sweetleaf actually does online orders of their Cold Brews, AND LET ME TELL YOU…. they’re pretty dang good.

Their signature Cold Brew, the Rocket Fuel is highly delicious (and highly addictive) drink that is the perfect way to start every NYC morning. What is it Rocket Fuel? A combo of Cold Brew and Pure Vermont maple syrup… Mix about half a cup of the Rocket Fuel with half a cup of Oatly and you will be sure to tackle every morning with an energized smile on your face.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

A NYC Café that says it best “Coffee is Pleasure.”

With the hustle and bustle of all our busy days as New Yorkers, one thing is for certain. A good cup of coffee can make your day. As they say,

“it’s that moment when your hand is warmed by the mug, you raise it to your nose, inhale deeply, and then take a sip. That sip is the culmination of years of work, three-thousand-mile journeys, and passion.”

Definitely a great place to check out.

Irving Farm Coffee

Such a lovely little coffee shop that originated in one of the most lovely parts of Manhattan, Gramercy. Irving Farm is definitely a true neighborhood gem and has been around since 1996. Check out the original location on Irving Place and experience 20 years of roasting.

Written by Emily Jozefowicz

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