Our Story

I wanted to personally welcome you to Road Map To! Excited for you to join the journey.

My name is Emily Jozefowicz and I am the Founder of Road Map To, a travel and lifestyle blog that focuses on sharing authentic and unique experiences with you.

Road Map To is on a mission to inspire others to get out and enjoy all that life has to offer in the most authentic way possible. Try new food, experience new cultures, push your boundaries and allow for those experiences to influence your lifestyle.

About Me

Born in New Jersey, based in New York City.

I am a proud first-generation American raised speaking both English and Polish. My European heritage has greatly influenced my love for culture and travel. I have been to 25 countries around the world and plan on visiting many more. Travel has become an essential aspect of my life.

As a photographer and videographer, I love capturing moments and sharing them with the world. I started this blog as a way to share those experiences with others.

I value following dreams and working hard to achieve them. In world full of bad news, I hope to share the good. I believe there is greatness in this world, and I hope to discover and share that greatness with those around me.

How would people describe me?

Extremely passionate and positive person who is inspired by the future, but lives in the now. An adventure seeker and someone who is always down for a new experience/good time. Friendly soul who is genuinely interested in learning about people’s stories. Love for those around me.

I promise to always share authentic content, as I don’t believe in that staged non-sense.

If you ever have any questions or need advice on your next travels, I am happy to help! Feel free to message me via my website, instagram or email!

Safe and Happy Travels.

Emily Jozefowicz

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