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Welcome to Road Map To!

I’m Emily Jozefowicz, the Founder of Road Map To, a travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to the pursuit of authentic and extraordinary experiences. Excited for you to join the journey.

Road Map To is on a mission to inspire others to get out and enjoy all that life has to offer in the most genuine and authentic way possible. Whether it’s savoring new cuisines, immersing yourself in diverse cultures, pushing your boundaries, and allowing these experiences to shape your lifestyle. We’re here to be your guide.

A Bit About Me

Born in New Jersey, based in New York City, raised Polish – I bring a unique blend of American and European influences to my adventures. As a proud first-generation American, I grew up fluent in both English and Polish, and this multicultural upbringing has ignited my passion for culture and travel.

With over 30 countries already explored and countless more on my horizon, travel has evolved into an integral part of my life. As a devoted photographer and videographer, I love capturing moments and sharing them with the world. It’s this passion that led me to create this blog, a platform to share these remarkable experiences with you.

Beyond the Blog

Outside the blog, I’m I work for the W Hotels Global Brand Team overseeing 70 hotels across the globe. I have experience working in Luxury Fashion and am passionate about curating experiences. My passions extend beyond travel, encompassing music, art, fashion, and all facets of lifestyle.

What Defines Me

I’m a firm believer in chasing dreams and working relentlessly to achieve them. In a world often inundated with negative news, I aspire to be a beacon of positivity. I genuinely believe that greatness exists all around us, and I’m committed to uncovering and sharing these moments with those around me.

How Others Describe Me

People often describe me as an extremely passionate and optimistic who finds inspiration in the future but lives in the now. I’m an adventure seeker, who is always down for a new experience and create lasting memories. I’m genuinely interested in hearing people’s stories and am known for my friendly and welcoming nature. My love for those around me is a driving force in everything I do.

Authenticity is Key

At Road Map To, I promise to consistently deliver authentic content because I firmly reject anything staged or insincere.

Road Map To is a Community

I firmly believe that our journey becomes richer when shared with others so our vibrant and engaged community of fellow travelers plays a pivotal role in this adventure. It’s in the stories, tips, and connections we share that the true magic of exploration comes to life.

Connect with Me

If you ever have questions or need advice for your upcoming travels, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help, whether through my website, Instagram, or email.

Join me on this incredible journey as we explore the world’s wonders together. Road Map To is more than a blog; it’s a testament to the beauty of living life to the fullest with a dope community by your side.

Safe and Happy Travels.

Emily Jozefowicz

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